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We believe in finding solutions to common conflicts between human activity and wildlife.

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Working with Nature

Are beaver plugging a culvert—or causing flooding on your property? With a blend of natural science and design, Beaver State Wildlife Solutions specializes in addressing frustrating conflicts with wildlife in a new way. We leave behind the old bullets and bait, and work instead within the ecosystem for long-term, cost effective solutions.




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Jakob Shockey is a leading authority on managing beaver related flooding problems with flow devices in the entire state of Oregon. A wildlife biologist and researcher, he is quite knowledgeable about wetland restoration and facilitating adult and juvenile fish passage at beaver dams with flow devices. The Beaver State is in good hands. I highly recommend him.
— Michael Callahan, Owner Beaver Solutions LLC
[Jakob] was a compelling speaker, passionate and articulate. His talk was based on fact based science, expressed in terms for a lay audience. He had experience “on the ground” and working with local agencies and groups. His long personal history in the area, added a whole other dimension. He was truly exceptional. His was one of the best programs the branch has had.
— Liz Caldwell, American Association of University Women



In everything that we do at Beaver State Wildlife Solutions, our goal is to create a long-term, low-maintenance and cost-effective solution to your wildlife issue. A solution that works within the ecosystem, and moves beyond the "wildlife management" legacy of poisoned bait and bullets.


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I am a wildlife biologist and a published researcher in endangered species research.  I've worked professionally in Oregon's aquatic ecosystems for over 6 years.  I'm a father, writer, outdoorsman, naturalist, & fiddler.

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